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Books Storage Basket - Large

  • 2699

Our sturdy, durable toy storage box is made from 100% cotton with wire lining and great for storing children’s toys or pet toys. See images on left. Manufactured with you in mind, it has TOYS labeled on one side and is blank on the alternate side, providing two uses for the box. Handles make the box easy to move and the wire lining makes the box very stable and prevents it from tipping over. 17 x 10 x 13 makes it the perfect size to fit into shelving units or just to keep on the ground to keep all of the toys organized. Can be folded when not in use. No more tripping on toys in your home.


  • 📚 CHARMING WAY TO STAY ORGANIZED – Reading is great, but a big mess of books is not! Use this cute tote to keep your favorite books neatly organized. The large-sized bin measures 17 x 10 x 13 inches
  • 📚 WE ONLY USE THE BEST MATERIAL – This is not some cheap, flimsy storage basket. It’s made from 100% cotton and includes a wire frame for maximum stability. The printed “Books” graphic on the front of the storage cube is crisp and bold.
  • 📚 EASY WAY FOR KIDS TO GRAB A BOOK – Kids won’t have to reach or climb to a bookshelf or cabinet to get the book or magazine they want to read. The media storage box is an easy and safe way for children to get quick access to books they want to explore.
  • 📚 HANDLES MAKE IT ULTRA-PORTABLE – The book box comes with two reinforced handles making it easy to take from room to room or even with you when on-the-go. Its portability makes it’s an excellent choice for not only the home, but daycares, classrooms, and libraries too!
  • 📚 FOLD AND STOW WHEN NOT IN USE – When you need a little extra space or want to pack it when traveling you can easily fold the book organizer to make it even more convenient. Slide it under a bed or couch or stow it away in the closet until you want to use it again!